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Preliminary Round Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final    
(Elimination Game) (Best of Three) (Best of Three) (Best of Three)    
(August 1st) (August 4th-6th)* (August 8th-10th)* (August 12th-14th)*    
  D1 - Warwick        
  Game 1:  Diamond, 8-4        
  Game 2:  Warwick, 11-2          
  Game 3:  Diamond, 6-4 Diamond Baseball      
D5 - Blackstone          
  Diamond Baseball        
Diamond Baseball, 2-1          
    Game 1:  Tiverton, 2-0      
C4 - Diamond Baseball   Game 2:  Diamond, 3-1      
    Game 3:  Diamond, 2-1         
C6 - Scituate     Diamond    
Tiverton, 4-0 Tiverton        
D3 - Tiverton Game 1:  Coventry, 5-3        
  Game 2:  Tiverton, 5-0  Tiverton      
D7 - Providence Game 3:  Tiverton, 5-3        
Coventry advances!!! Coventry   Game 1:  Flood, 10-1    
      Game 2:  Flood, 4-0 Flood Ford Auto
C2 - Coventry       RI Connie Mack Champion
  C1 - Flood Ford Auto        
  Game 1:  Flood, 13-1        
  Game 2:  Flood, 2-0 Flood Ford Auto      
C5 - Chariho          
  East Providence        
EP, 4-3 (8 Innings)   Game 1:  Flood, 6-5      
    Game 2:  Flood, 9-8      
D4 - East Providence          
      Flood Ford Auto    
D6 - Swansea          
Slocum, 14-1 Slocum        
C3 - Slocum          
  Game 1:  Pawtucket, 3-2 Pawtucket (E-Sports)      
C7 - West Warwick Game 2:  Pawtucket, 6-4        
Pawtucket, 3-0 Pawtucket (E-Sports)        
      * - Dates are tentatively based on field availability.  
D2 - Pawtucket          
Regular Season Final Standings:  Cooney Division (Southern)      
Team W's L's T's Pts. Pts.
Flood Ford 10 6 0 23.0 23.0
Coventry 10 6 0 23.0 23.0
Slocum 9 6 0 21.0 21.0
Diamond Baseball 9 6 0 21.0 21.0
Chariho 8 7 0 19.5 19.5
Scituate 7 9 0 18.5 18.0
West Warwick 4 11 0 13.5 13.5
  Note:  Scituate forfeited game to DBA (-.5).      
Regular Season Final Standings:  Dickerman Division (Northern)      
Team W's L's T's Pts. Pts.
Warwick 12 3 1 26.5 26.5
Pawtucket (E-Sports) 11 5 0 24.5 24.5
Tiverton 9 7 0 21.5 21.5
East Providence 9 7 0 21.5 21.5
Blackstone 8 8 0 20.0 19.5
Swansea 3 12 1 13.0 13.0
Providence 0 16 0 8.0 8.0
  Note:  Blackstone forfeited game to Pawtucket (-.5).      
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Fall Ball - 2011 Rules

Posted by Richard Grenier at Aug 18, 2011 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

2011 Fall Ball Rules

• Coaches will work together to prep the field before the game and rake the field after the game.

•This a developmental league so we need to rotate player positions. No player should have to sit out more than one inning

• Games will run 6 innings or a time limit of 2 hours

• No inning shall start after the 1hour 45minute mark when there is another game scheduled after the game being played

•The batting order will remain continuous throughout the game

•Bunting will be allowed

•Slash bunting is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to slash bunt will result in an immediate ejection plus an additional 1-game suspension

•Taking a lead is not allowed

•Once the pitcher has the ball in hand on the rubber all runners need to remain on base until the pitch crosses the plate

•Because we are developing kids for next season there will be No 12 year old players allowed to pitch

• Stealing will be allowed

• Stealing home will be allowed

•All base runners must slide to avoid the defensive player if there is an attempt to make a play at a base. Not doing so will result in the player being called out.

• We will have unlimited runs per inning

• There will be a 10 run mercy rule in effect after the 4th Inning

• Pitchers will be allowed to pitch 3 innings per game. Keep in mind we are playing for fun in a developmental league and no Ace should be dominating every game.

• Absolutely no arguing calls with an umpire and it is the coaching staff’s responsibility to keep their own fans in line in the event of someone getting out of line during a game

•Each dugout is the responsibility of the Coaching Staff. Clean up before you leave and do not leave a full barrel of garbage for the next game. Empty into the larger green barrels near the stands.

After completing their regular season with only four wins, there was optimism among the members of West Warwick’s Connie Mack team that they could play the role of Cinderella in the Rhode Island Connie Mack State Playoffs. West Warwick, which had the youngest team in Rhode Island, almost pulled off an upset against Pawtucket (2nd Seed) in the Preliminary Round. 

West Warwick 3 Scituate 1:

As the 2011 Rhode Island Connie Mack regular season winds down, West Warwick is peaking at the right time year.

After losing two consecutive games against divisional leaders Coventry and Flood Ford, because they could not hold off late game rallies by their opponents, West Warwick held on to a 3-1 victory over Scituate.

Ryan Lawton, who worked the first four innings, struck out five batters and allowed no runs on two hits. Rich McNeil, who worked middle relief, struck out two batters and allowed only one earned run on one hit and three walks. Kurtis Melvin picked up the save by inducing a pop out and striking out a batter.

West Warwick received all the runs they would need in the top of the third inning. Nate LaCroix led off with a double and Tyler Boisclair followed with a base on balls. After one out, Ray Zincone reached on an infield hit. Matt Grenier, hitting from the right side, followed with an r.b.i. single to centerfield to give West Warwick a 1-0 lead. West Warwick made it 3-0 when Kurtis Melvin's ground ball to third base was thrown over the first baseman, scoring Zincone and Grenier.

Offensively, West Warwick received support from Zincone (1/3, one run scored), Matt Grenier (1/3, one run scored, and one r.b.i.), Rich Grenier (1/2), Nate LaCroix (1/2, one double), Rich McNeil Jr. (1/1), and Tyler Boisclair (1/2, one run scored).

Coventry 9 West Warwick 8:

Despite building a 7-1 lead after 3 1/2 innings, West Warwick, whose pitching staff was forced to challenge the Coventry hitters with runners in scoring position, could not hold off Coventry and lost 9-8.

Offensively, West Warwick was led by Ray Zincone (2/3, one double, two runs scored, and one r.b.i.), Matt Grenier (2/4, one run scored, and one r.b.i.), Kurtis Melvin (1/2, one double, one run scored, and one r.b.i.), Rich Grenier Jr. (1/3, one walk), Brent Reed (1/3, one double, one walk, and three r.b.i.'s), Greg D'Ambrosca (1/3, one run scored), Nate LaCroix (1/4, one run scored), and Tyler Boisclair (1/4, one run scored).

For the year, Coventy, who is locked in a first place battle with Flood Ford and defeated West Warwick, 4-2, earlier this year, swept the seasonal series against West Warwick

Flood Ford (Hendricken) 8 West Warwick 3:

Trailing 3-2 after 4 1/2 innings, Flood Ford scored six runs on six hits in the bottom of the fifth inning and held on to defeat West Warwick, 8-3. Flood Ford, who defeated West Warwick, 1-0, two weeks ago, swept the season series against West Warwick.

Offensively, West Warwick received support from Nate LaCroix (0/2, one run scored), Amine Malki (1/2, one double, one walk, and one run scored), Brent Reed (1/2, one walk, and one run scored), Rich Grenier Jr.(1/2, one walk), Ray Zincone (1/3, two r.b.i.'s), and Matt Constant (1/1, one double).

Anthony Indeglia, who pitched the first four innings, struck out four batters and allowed only two earned runs on three hits and two walks.

West Warwick 4 Diamond Baseball 3:

Led by the strong pitching of Ryan Lawton, West Warwick won their second game of the year, over Diamond Baseball, 4-3. Lawton, who went the distance, struck out ten batters and allowed only three earned runs on five hits and five walks.

Offensively, West Warwick was received hits from Ray Zincone (2/4, two runs scored), Ryan Lawton (2/4, one run scored, and one r.b.i), Rich Grenier Jr. (2/3, one r.b.i.), Brent Reed (1/4, one r.b.i.), and Alex Casey (1/2).

Diamond Baseball 3 West Warwick 0:

Led by the three hit pitching of Toll Gate graduate, Spencer Willette, Diamond Baseball defeated West Warwick, 3-0. Willette, who went the distance, struck out nine batters.

Offensively, West Warwick's only hits of the game came from Ray Zincone (1/3), Rich McNeil Jr. (1/3), and Alex Casey (1/1, one double).

Rich McNeil Jr., who worked the first four innings, struck out five batters and allowed just two earned runs on two hits and three walks. Kurtis Melvin, who worked two innings in middle relief, struck out six batters and Rich Grenier Jr. pitched a 1-2-3 seventh inning.

West Warwick 7 Chariho 3 (8 innings):

Led by the strong relief of Kurtis Melvin, who struck out five batters in 2 1/3 innings, West Warwick won their first game of the summer over Chariho, 7-3.

Anthony Indeglia, who struck out four in the first three innings, allowed only one run on one hit and four walks.

Matt Constant, who pitched 2 2/3 innings of middle relief, allowed only one earne run on four scattered hits. Out of 48 pitches, the lefty threw 33 strikes.

Offensively, West Warwick received hits from Kurtis Melvin (1/3, one double, one walk, and one run scored), Brent Reed (1/2, two walks, three runs scored, and one r.b.i.), Rich Grenier Jr. (2/3, one walk, and one r.b.i.), and Greg D'Ambrosca (1/3, one double, and two r.b.i.'s).

4) Dodgers              
Game One   Dodgers, 7-4          
6/18/2011   Game Three Yankees, 9-0        
5:00   6/21/2011          
5) Orioles   5:15          
    1) Yankees     Yankees, 9-5    
3) Red Sox     Game Seven        
Game Two   Red Sox, 8-6 7:30        
6/18/2011   Game Four          
7:00   6/21/2011          
6) Marlins   7:30 Athletics, 7-1        
    2) Athletics          
          Game Ten    
Orioles         6/26/2011   Yankees, 5-1
          6:00   2011
      Orioles, 10-0       Playoff
Game Five             Champion
6/22/2011             Bitmap
Marlins     Game Eight        
      6/24/2011   Orioles, 15-1    
L - Game Three (Dodgers)   5:15        
Game Six              
6/22/2011     Dodgers, 10-2   Game Nine Athletics, 1-0  
7:30         6/25/2011    
L - Game Four (Red Sox)            
4) Red Sox 6-5-1              
Game One    Diamondbacks, 8-6          
6/18/2011   Game Five          
Riverpoint - 9:00   6/19/2011 Diamondbacks, 12-8        
5) Diamondbacks 6-5-1   Riverpoint - 3:00          
    1) Yankees 8-2-2 Game Nine   Diamondbacks, 6-0    
2) Dodgers 6-4-2     6/21/2011        
Game Two     Natick - 5:30        
6/18/2011   Dodgers, 12-5          
Riverpoint - 11:30              
7) Marlins 2-9-1   Game Six Dodgers, 11-1        
3) Orioles 6-5-1   Riverpoint - 5:30          
Game Three              
6/18/2011   Athletics, 6-5     Game Twelve    
Riverpoint - 2:00         6/27/2011    
6)  Athletics 3-7-2         Riverpoint    
          5:15 or 6:00    
L - Game One (Red Sox)           Diamondbacks
Game Seven     Red Sox       2011
6/20/2011             Black Division
Riverpoint - 5:30             Playoff Champion
L - Game Six (Athletics)   Game Ten        
      6/24/2011   Orioles    
L - Game Two (Marlins)   Natick - 5:30        
Game Four   Orioles, 14-4     Game Eleven    
6/19/2011   Game Eight     6/25/2011    
Riverpoint - 12:30   6/20/2011 Orioles   Natick - 10:00 Dodgers  
L - Game Three (Orioles) Riverpoint - 7:30          
    L - Game Five (Yankees)     L - Game Nine (Dodgers)