Fall Ball - 2011 Rules

Posted by Richard Grenier on Aug 18 2011 at 05:00PM PDT

2011 Fall Ball Rules

• Coaches will work together to prep the field before the game and rake the field after the game.

•This a developmental league so we need to rotate player positions. No player should have to sit out more than one inning

• Games will run 6 innings or a time limit of 2 hours

• No inning shall start after the 1hour 45minute mark when there is another game scheduled after the game being played

•The batting order will remain continuous throughout the game

•Bunting will be allowed

•Slash bunting is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to slash bunt will result in an immediate ejection plus an additional 1-game suspension

•Taking a lead is not allowed

•Once the pitcher has the ball in hand on the rubber all runners need to remain on base until the pitch crosses the plate

•Because we are developing kids for next season there will be No 12 year old players allowed to pitch

• Stealing will be allowed

• Stealing home will be allowed

•All base runners must slide to avoid the defensive player if there is an attempt to make a play at a base. Not doing so will result in the player being called out.

• We will have unlimited runs per inning

• There will be a 10 run mercy rule in effect after the 4th Inning

• Pitchers will be allowed to pitch 3 innings per game. Keep in mind we are playing for fun in a developmental league and no Ace should be dominating every game.

• Absolutely no arguing calls with an umpire and it is the coaching staff’s responsibility to keep their own fans in line in the event of someone getting out of line during a game

•Each dugout is the responsibility of the Coaching Staff. Clean up before you leave and do not leave a full barrel of garbage for the next game. Empty into the larger green barrels near the stands.


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